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Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Updated: May 25, 2020

I know that a lot of brides out there are looking for inspiration and searching for what would be the best look for your wedding. One of the things you are probably looking for is what kind of bridal bouquet you want! I mean, your wedding bouquet is the ONE floral arrangement that is photographed the most. Seriously. So it's kind of a big deal.

Over the years, we have created some incredible bouquets and frankly, making wedding bouquets is probably my favorite part of the whole wedding. I can never make the same bouquet twice, which I love. Even if I use the same colors or same flowers, my bridal bouquets always turn out differently. They are each unique and each made specifically for my client.

One of the things you should probably think about is your wedding gown. Keeping your wedding dress in mind when figuring out the style of bridal bouquet you want is important. If your wedding dress is full of lovely crystals and sparkle, you may want to stay clear of something with a lot of texture in your wedding bouquet. On the other hand, if your wedding dress is a mix of soft lace and illusion necklines then something with a bit of texture and movement would be gorgeous. Now, what if you are more of a city-chic bride and your wedding gown is a sleek, deep v-neck satin gown? Then I would suggest your bouquet be bold with structured lines and statement flowers.

Deciding on what bridal bouquet you will carry down the isle is a big decision, so to help out a bit, I figured I would share some of our favorite design styles with you. Check our very own 9 squares of bouquet beauty!

Once you have figured out which style you like best, then I suggest you translate that to your centerpieces and all the other decor. For more info on what is our favorite design style, check out this two minute read!

Make up by: Priscilla M Beauty

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