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The airy and organic wedding look

Updated: May 11, 2021

One of my FAVORITE styles of floral design is that loose, airy and organic style you see all over Pinterest for weddings. Some brides prefer to have more greenery than flowers but for the most part, brides want a 50/50 ratio of flowers and greenery. This is my favorite ratio if I'm being honest.

What exactly is it about this look that we all love so much? In a nutshell, I think it boils down to the notion that this type of design style gives brides an understated luxury look for their wedding. I personally, am really attracted to that feel. The subtle yet impressive fine art notions that a flower arrangement with movement gives is unbeatable. Sure, tall centerpieces filled with flowers on top of flowers are gorgeous and definitely scream luxury wedding from anywhere you look but there is something so refined about subtlety, right?

More and more of my clients are wanting the softness of greenery mixed with the luxurious touch of a peony or an orchid; and let me tell you guys, I'm here to deliver! Designing these styles of floral arrangements are not only relaxing to me but they give me the opportunity to perfect my art form. Knowing how to combine certain colors with others or being intentional about where certain flowers are placed or even what flowers to use make SUCH a difference when it comes to creating a beautiful arrangement. This is what is called in the flower world as "fine art floral design". Floral designers, literally create art with flowers and giving a bride a gorgeous wedding day filled with soft lines, focal flowers and a luxurious experience without having to shout it from the rooftop is right up our alley.

There are many different styles of design for weddings. If you happen to be more of the minimalist style bride check out this post on ideas to achieve a minimalist wedding look. If that's not your cup of tea, then here are a few of our favorite floral designs over the last few years. It is my very own version of Instagram with my favorite 9 tiles. Last but not least, if you would love to bring about a beautiful and upscale wedding experience to an intimate group of people then I suggest you read our post regarding small and intimate weddings. It's a really good one. Til' next time!

Make up by: Priscilla M Beauty

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