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How to Achieve a Minimalist Look for your wedding

Updated: May 25, 2020

Today we are talking simple, elegant and understated beauty. That look that is becoming more and more popular. The minimalist look. I am a true believer that there is beauty in simplicity. Many of my brides approach me inquiring of ways that they can make a statement for their special day, but with something simple. My favorite way to accomplish this is by using budvases. Yep! These guys right here. They are miracle workers.

Depending on your preferred wedding style (i.e. bohemian, vintage, modern etc.) there are budvases that will certainly compliment it. Just ask your floral designer. We can usually get our hands on some pretty cool stuff.

Now, there are some important factors to take into consideration. Even though my brides want something simple, they also want to make a statement. That can be accomplished in a couple of ways. The style of budvase, the quantity and the choice of flowers. All three aspects are important if you are going to make a statement. This is one of my favorite designs borrowed from 100 Layer Cake.

The bold blooms in this image paired with these vintage budvases make a gorgeous statement! Add a sheer table runner, some brass candlesticks and a few votive candles and you've got yourself an incredible table-scape for the bohemian bride. Now, comes the question. How much? Well, it depends. I know you hate that answer! But the fact is that the cost of flowers changes depending on your location, so be sure to check with your floral designer.

I am in the Washington D.C. metro area and the cost for a gorgeous table-scape like this one can range between $120 - $200+ per table. Brides can opt to only have a few budvases or 30-40 budvases running down the center of a gorgeous table. All this plays into cost. The King Protea in the image typically come at a premium cost which will also play a factor in the total price.

Here is something a little more modern borrowed from Martha Stewart Weddings. If you want something a little more simple like what you see here, it is totally doable for about the same range in price. Those cute little white flowers in these bud vases are lily of the valley. They are spectacular blooms, which come at a premium, but are totally worth it.

If you want more of a lux, modern yet minimalist and simple look, change the budvases! These gold budvases do the trick! Using greenery helps keep costs down, but the look is elevated by a simple change in the hard goods. These budvases certainly raise the bar! Borrowed from Ruffled Blog.

The key to having an incredible table-scape that is understated yet beautiful is all in the product you choose, especially when using budvases. From the budvases you choose, to the flowers and the items that will serve as accents to the table are important to create a beautiful, yet simple statement for you wedding. Trust your designer. I think we are pretty good at bringing your vision to life.

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