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Mauve is the new blush

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Blush will always be a staple for wedding flowers. Not only is it a beautiful color but it's versatile. Using blush flowers in arrangements enables the designer to take this beautiful tone and blend it with darker blooms which are perfect for a fall wedding or even ivory flowers for summer or spring.

Blush flowers bring a sweet innocence to wedding flowers and I personally love it. However, I must make an argument for mauve. I have been working much more with mauve toned flowers lately and I am completely smitten. It's the perfect balance of blush and lavender. I would even venture to say that mauve has this dusty rose color that I can't perfectly describe.

Two of my absolute favorite mauve toned flowers are Amnesia and Koko Loco ...

When these beauties are paired with dark purple ranunculus, Princess Miyuki garden roses, black Scabiosa and a blush quicksand rose, it's heaven in a compote vase. To make your arrangement a bit more fall or winter-like, pair these flowers with a dark foliage like Cotinus foliage (also known as Smokebush foliage) or autumn eucalyptus. For a more spring or summer-like arrangement pair these blooms with Jasmine vine or wild Texas Smilax.

I created a fall-inspired flower arrangement using these blooms and here was the end result. I hope this inspires you to incorporate mauve into your arrangements a bit more. I truly believe it will become the new blush, and I'm totally okay with it.

For a behind the scenes look at how I made this pretty gal, check out this video!

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