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Four Seasons Hotel Washington D.C. Wedding

I have always been a fan of the "less is more" idea. I think that achieving a simple yet refined aesthetic can be quite complex. You need the right textures, dimensions, shapes and clean lines that simplicity and minimalism require. I was incredibly happy to see the end result of this very simple and refined wedding in Washington D.C. For more ideas on how to achieve a minimalist look for your wedding here's blog post that may help. Ok, back to the Four Seasons wedding.

It was a small and intimate wedding composed of only 10 guests including the bride and groom. A candle light wedding is exactly what they wanted. "We want to have candles every where!", said the father of the bride. We took that to heart and gave them ALL the candles! The venue was the Royal Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C. and we really rallied together a dream team of people to pull it off.

This small wedding was planned by Antonia Baker Experience and designed in conjunction with our team here are Flor de Casa Designs. Being that it was such an intimate event, attention to detail was really important.

We dressed the main table for the reception with a sheer ivory runner and dozens of candles in varying heights. We had cylinder vase candles, votive candles, floating candles, taper candles and accents of Ikebana style floral arrangements to complete the look.

The main foyer to the suite was designed with a show-stopping flower arrangement placed on a white urn vase. The arrangement was placed on a round table and the base was surrounded by lush greenery and white flowers.

The bride's bouquet has a very loose and organic feel to it. Created with white and ivory flowers and accents of greenery, the bridal bouquet was hand tied with silk ribbon and filled with sweet pea flowers, garden roses and Spirea. It was certainly one of my favorite bouquets to make. And the best part, our bride held her bouquet the right way which is why we got these amazing photos! If you need to know how to hold a wedding bouquet, this post is worth a read.

Please enjoy this gorgeous Four Seasons wedding in Washington D.C. as photographed by Lexi Truesdale Photos.

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