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How To Hold A Wedding Bouquet

Updated: May 25, 2020

Wedding bouquets, bridal bouquets (whatever you may call them) are SO beautiful. They are one of the main focal points in a wedding. #Bouquets are some of the floral arrangements that get photographed THE MOST and knowing how to properly hold one is actually "a thing". So, I'm going to give you a couple of tips (literally, two) on how to make sure your beautiful flowers always have the best angle.

Tip #1: ALL bouquets have a front and a back, so make sure you hold it with the front facing forward ladies!

Depending on the design of the bouquet, the back can easily be seen. It will usually have a little less flowers than the front and depending on your floral designer, it may look slightly flat towards the back. That "flat" part is designed that way on-purpose (I personally, like to design my bouquets like that). If you are worried, it's going to look weird, don't.

<-- See this guy right here? "flat back" and I give it all the heart eye emojis! #Justsayin

Btw, beautiful shot DAM Fotografy!

Now, back to business. When the back of a bouquet is slightly flatter than the front, it is much easier to rest against your body without damaging beautiful blooms. You can love on that baby for the whole day and literally stop and smell the roses.

Now, if the back of the bouquet is not that obvious because you have a more symmetrical, round-shaped bouquet, then your guide will be the ribbon. Here's how I determine the front from the back on my bouquets with ribbon.

If a bride wants that long, flowing, silk ribbon, I usually will make a beautiful bow to the front of the bouquet. See below.

This is how you will be able to tell the front from the back. Where you see the pretty bow, that is the front and faces forward. To see how this particular bouquet turned out check out our Rustic Chic Wedding.

For those of you that opt for the traditional stem wrapped bouquets, with no long flowing ribbons, then those pretty little pearl pins you see in this image... are what will be holding the ribbon in place once stems are wrapped. Those pins should be facing you. That is the back of the bouquet. See, simple. Now for...

Tip #2: Ladies! Do NOT hold your bouquet to your chest when walking down the isle.

I completely understand why you would want to do that. If you are not used to being the center of attention, then using your bouquet as a flower shield is almost an instinct, but pleeeeeeease don't. When you do that, you cover up your beautiful gown, your face may be hidden a little and this makes it VERY difficult for your photographer to capture amazing images.

Instead, a rule of thumb is to hold your bouquet at your belly button. I know it seems weird and uncomfortable, but if you hold your bouquet right at belly button level, your groom will be able to really take in all the beauty that is walking down the isle to meet him. Your photographer will be able to capture the true expression on your face when you see your groom and your bouquet will shine in all its glory!

So, to recap.... Determine which is the front from the back of your bouquet, then hold at belly button level. That's it! Do these two things, and you are guaranteed to showcase your #bouquet and yourself in the best way possible.

Now that you've become an expert on how to hold a bouquet, let's talk about some of our favorite bridal bouquet designs to date.

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