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How to Use King Proteas in Bouquets

Today I am taking a bit of time to chat about King Proteas. These flowers are for the bride who wants to make a statement!

They come in several colors, but in the United States, we usually see them in pink or white. I've used these blooms on several occasions for weddings and these beauties are for the bold brides indeed!

King Proteas are native to South Africa and here's a fun fact; they are the national South African flower. #whowouldhaveknown

When using these flowers in wedding work, one must be careful. Since they are the star of the show in bouquets and designs, using one or two is enough. The use of too many of these in one single arrangement can actually take away from a beautiful piece (in my humble opinion).

Another thing to keep in mind is that they are HEAVY. When I use these in bouquets, I make sure my brides are aware of their weight and warn them that they will be in for an arm workout on their wedding day. #checkoutthosearms!

Bridal bouquet with white king proteas
Photography by Erika Layne

Nonetheless, they look INCREDIBLE in bouquet work. Curious to see what I've created in the past with these blooms? Check it out here!

If you are a bride wanting something different and statement making, I recommend these flowers. Not only are they beautiful, but were certainly made for the adventurous and wild spirited bride.

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