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How Did I Start A Business And Why?

I hear so many stories about how and why people started their own businesses. For some it came naturally to be a business owner and to start a career as an entrepreneur. For others it was something they kind of “fell into” and yet for others it was a complete adventure.

Today, I share with you why I decided to go on this journey. For me, it was a complete adventure. I said to myself, “I have nothing to lose, so why not?”. I think that from very early on, I had wanted to own a business. I remember being in elementary school and selling Snicker bars for $0.50. I also remember being 19 years old and attempting to start an interpreting business and by the time I was 21, I had a house cleaning business. I guess I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

I did not go to college. After I graduated high school, I took a year off of school and then I realized I needed to start making money (cuz you know… life). So, I did what I guess came naturally to me. I figured out how I could make money without working full time and started my very first business at 19. The one thing I always knew was that I did NOT want someone else to own my time. I have always known I wanted to be the owner of my time and make an income while not giving that up. Needless to say, with no official training, my interpreting business lasted a very

short time. Then came the house cleaning. I did very well there and cleaned homes doctors over two years. As I got older though, I started to realize that the weight of life is a heavy one and more income would be needed, so I decided to begin working for corporate America. ::insert eye-rolling emoji:: I did that for over a decade. I was grateful for having had those opportunities and I learned a ton but office work was just not for me.

I opened Flor de Casa Designs thanks to a complete stranger. My husband took me to a bed and breakfast for our first-year anniversary and while I spoke to the caterer about why we were there she asked to see wedding photos. I happily pulled out my phone and began to scroll through some. She then asked, “who made your flowers?!” I replied, “Oh, I did.” “Oh!” she said, “what’s the name of your company?”. “I don’t have one”, I answered a little surprised at the fact she even thought I did. Then she asked the million-dollar question. “Why?”, she said. To this day, I do not remember her name or what she looked like. But she had certainly given me a lot to think about. With that, my husband and I drove home talking about this possibility and if I should do this. That’s when we both decided I had nothing to lose, so why not? Three years later and here I am. Thrilled to have started this business and thrilled to have worked with some amazing couples.

Sometimes, I forget how and when I started. I forget that I am just a high school graduate with a desire to own her time and still make an income, I forget that I have actually created something people believe in, I forget that I am no longer a person with a dream or afraid that things won’t happen for me, I forget that I have worked hard for many years and I have created something I am proud of, I forget that I made this happen. For those of you that have believed in me and still do… THANK YOU! I am here because of all of you. We have come a long way and we in this!! #Feelinglikecelebrating 😊

Photography by The Kents Photography

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