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My Top 10 Floral Tools

Sometimes I think floral designer or florist are not the right words to describe what we really do. Think about it. Yes, we're florists, but we are also artists, engineers, carpenters, problem solvers, innovators and the list goes on.

If you are a wedding florist, the moment you walk into a venue to begin set-up you better be prepared with everything you'll need to execute a beautiful design. Especially if the venue is 30 minutes away from the nearest hardware store.

So, I put together a quick list of my all-time favorite floral tools and where to get them. ;)


This is not really a tool. More like the item I use to carry all my tools in. What good is having a bunch of tools if you don't have where to put them. Let me introduce you to the Husky Rolling Tool Box. It keeps all my necessary tools in one place and really easy to carry around. It has even doubled as a step-stool many times.


No floral designer is set without a pair of good pruning shears. These are my favorite thus far. They have a soft grip and the package comes with an extra spring in case you lose one.


No florist should ever leave home without their chicken wire. I don't care if you don't feel like you'll even need it for a particular design. Chicken wire has saved me dozens of times and I always bring it along. I like the coated chicken wire and I like to purchase a large roll so it lasts me for a full wedding season.


Zip ties! Need I say more? Personally, I like the clear nylon ones. They can be camouflaged with greenery or white structures. I usually only get one size and if I need a really long zip tie during an installation, I simply attach several zip ties together until I get the desired length. Another item I never leave home without.

NUMBERS 5, 6, 7 and 8

Paddle wire, bind wire, waterproof tape and cold glue. My husky is always stocked with these items. They are great little helpers when things go amiss and I have to fix something. I get all of these from Oasis Floral Products.


A tool belt or an apron. These are so handy! Instead of climbing up and down a ladder to get tools, your belt can handle it all. Some even have a pocket for a cell phone. You can find some great ones here.


Ribbon. I typically carry between 3 - 5 different colors of ribbon in my husky. If I need to re-wrap a bouquet or tie small posies to chairs as isle markers, ribbons come in very handy. I love the silk ribbon from C Fleurs Design.

There are so many other products you can throw into your Husky but these are my personal favorites and have always come in handy when I needed them.

Happy designing!

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