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A Fall Wedding at Big Cork Vineyards

Fall color palettes for weddings have changed over the years. Personally, I'm drawn to the more muted tones of fall. Don't get me wrong, I love a bright orange or bright yellow palette any day but for some reason, muted colors bring a more chic wedding look. Like a fine glass of wine.

That's exactly what this couple wanted for their wedding day. A vineyard wedding filled with refined touches for a more elevated feel. While they kept things pretty simple, with a small bridal party, a simple ceremony arch and greenery garlands with candles for their guest tables, it was the color palette for me. Neutral tones of ivory, champagne and beige mixed in with hints of plumb and copper were the perfect fall wedding color palette.

.We designed our arrangements with a bit of a fine art flare to this rustic wedding venue and the design complimented the space beautifully. The views from Big Cork Vineyards went on for days and the bride (an interior designer) chose every element of her wedding day to perfection. We had to honor or not only designing her flowers but we coordinated this beautiful day as well. Please enjoy the wonderful images captured by Amanda MacPhee Studios.

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