It starts and ends with a feeling. 

Flor de Casa Designs is a floral design studio specializing in florals for weddings and events.  We craft extraordinary wedding experiences, designed to make memorable moments stand out. Forever.

What do you want to feel on your wedding day?

What do you want to remember most? 

Together, we hone in on what that is and design the florals + spaces that capture the very essence of that feeling.

Our  Philosophy
is simple

We are here to serve. While we don't provide flower delivery services for single orders,  we do provide an all-encompassing service to couples planning their wedding for a tailored experience.  we want to serve you well and love working with couples who value an artful and sophisticated aesthetic. 


We believe flowers are always at the heart of event design. They’re as much alive and breathing as we are, and our design philosophy is born out of this belief. We create floral designs to maintain the magic that already exists in each flower’s natural form: organic, loose and with a sense of whimsy that leaves room for beautifully unexpected moments.

Washington D.C. Wedding planner and florist

"... The moment I saw my bridal bouquet I cried tears of joy and shock. It was the most beautiful flower arrangement I had ever seen... Unmatched. A true gem..."

-- The Lennox Duo

Greenery and white wedding in Cylburn Arboretum

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Washington D.C. Wedding planner and florist
Washington D.C. Wedding planner and florist

Let’s paint the big picture first.

As excited as you are, you  may also be a little anxious about bringing your vision full circle.  That's why we're here. With our help, you can start getting some clarity.


If you still need some guidance, take the first step by downloading our free Wedding Flower Guide to learn exactly how you want your event to look.